Meditation and Qi Gong Workshop

We are truly lucky. We live in an amazing world with amazing people.
Living in San Diego has given myself and many others access to some of the smartest, most capable people I could hope to meet.
The International Golden Rishi Qigong and Tai Chi school is hosting an educated, talented and highly skilled Qigong practitioner and teacher, Grand Master Byung Ju Choi.

Master Byung Ju Choi founded the International Golden Rishi Meditation and Qi Gong Society in 1991.  Choi’s program and methods are focused on how humans can and should work with nature for optimal health. It is a process of ongoing personal discovery. With locations currently in South Korea, China and Mexico, Choi’s goal is to continue expanding this knowledge into other regions of the world.

Choi plays the role of a guide to many people who are interested in the pure roots of his meditation program, while also bringing aid to people who are suffering physically and mentally.  The International Golden Rishi Qi Gong training methods stem from nature, and are partly based on the Five Elements of the physical universe, a topic that will be discussed during the September workshops.

Golden Rishi Meditation & Qi Gong Workshop

Master Choi has traveled the world to study many different philosophies and modalities of health and healing. From his studies, which include ancient philosophies and western medicine, he gathered a compilation of the aspects he believed to be the best and developed a meditation program.  The program is grounded in meditation principles, designed to achieve and/or restore optimal health of body and mind through breathing, visualizing, muscle relaxation, and gentle movements.

During the September workshops, you will be coached in adjusting your body and mind (the microcosm) to the frequencies of nature or the universe (the macrocosm).  The human body and mind is intended to balance and regulate itself. Through practice of Choi’s program and techniques, our inherent cleansing and healing systems become more active and efficient, and energy becomes replenished.

Current Western medicine responds to symptoms after issues or problems are noticed, but you can complement your health care with Qi Gong and meditation, which aims at a preventative approach to illness and pain by keeping the natural state of body and mind as intact as possible – yes, even throughout your hectic and stressful everyday life. GOLDEN RISHI MEDITATION & QI GONG focuses on achieving optimal health. Regardless of your spiritual background, you can join us in this safe exercise for body and mind. Everyone is welcome and we hope to work with you soon.

Examples of Symptom Focus

– Pulmonary Diseases
– Kidney Disease
– Renal Disease
– Constipation, Obesity, Stroke
– Neuralgia, Arthritis, Back pain, Age-related Joint Stiffness
– Neurosis, Headache, Tinnitus
– Various Female Disorders
– Liver Disease
– Heart Disease
– Gastric & Stomach Diseases

Key points: Therapeutic exercise that includes Qi Gong practices have shown to increase the power of recovery in people with diverse diseases.  Qi Gong practice increases the effectiveness of maintaining balanced organ function, promotes detoxification, increases subtle body strength, energy and balance.

Program aimed at all levels of participants:

  • General public without experience in Qi Gong and Meditation
  • Traditional healers, Oriental Doctors, Psychologists
  • People who seek to recover and maintain their physical, mental and emotional health
  • Yoga and meditation practitioners
  • Physical Therapists & Psychology Therapists interested in maintaining your own energy levels
  • Professionals in need of personal restoration methodology


You can register for full program coursework or by 3 hour sections.


Sep 20 (Fri) 3PM – 9PM

– 3pm-6pm : Free health diagnosis by Dr Kyung Soo Kim from South Korea
– 6pm-7pm : Beverages, Fruits, Rice cake, Small bites provided
– 7pm-9pm : Lecture by Master Byung Ju Choi “What is Qi Gong Exercise and the Benefits”


Sep 21 (Sat) – Sep 22 (Sun)

All-Day Weekend Workshop 9am – 5pm | $299.00(all 2days)
MEDITATION & QI GONG (Begin : 9am | Lunch break : 12pm-2pm | End time : 5pm)
$299.00 (or Non-Member $90/3hr section, *Members $75/3hr session)


Sep 23 (Mon) – Sep 25 (Wed)

Weekday Workshops 9am – 9pm | $540.00 (all 3 days)
MEDITATION & QI GONG (Begin : 9am | Lunch break : 12pm-2pm | Dinner break : 5pm-6:30pm | End time : 9pm)
$540.00 (or Non-Member $90/3hr section, *Members $75/3hr session)


Sep 26 (Thu)

Private Healing Sessions Available By Appointment


Sep 27(Fri)- Sep 29 (Sun)

Healing Camp in Idyllwild, Ca | $380.00(all 3days)
MEDITATION & QI GONG (Workshop Begins Friday at 2pm – Ends Sunday 5pm)
$380.00/WORKSHOP + Accommodations at $70 total for 2 nights,
per person in a shared house & shared bathrooms.
Food & Transportation Not Included In Any Offerings Listed.


* For pricing, ”member” represents those who are contracted students of Golden Rishi Qigong in San Diego under Master Han’s instruction. A free intro session to this coursework is available by contacting Jane Han and referencing this notice.  619-677-0404

Qigong Workshop Flyer

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