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Nutrition. Consumption. What you put in your body. You are what you eat. Food and Drink.

This is the most important choice you make everyday. Every morning you choose a smoothie over a donut, every afternoon you choose a salad over a Cheddar Cheese Burger, every evening you choose asparagus without ice cream, you choose the sources of calories based on nutrient level before taste, fiber before salt, fat before sugar.

The American Diet…oh my, The American Diet…

What have we done to food? The way we process the natural treasure, the abundant nutrient source of raw and cooked vegetables is broken down to it’s basest levels and isolated to find extreme fats, extreme salts, extreme sugars, and empty calories which leave us feeling sick, leave us feeling awful, leave us feeling like we have been poisoned.

Everything in moderation, true. But when that balance is lost, you know what you ate.

Choosing to ingest nutritious food is your choice during every visit to the store.

If you need a change, I currently eat Whole Foods and the dietary supplement, Kyani.

Click the image below if you are interested in living your best life.

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