PEMF Therapy and the BEMER System

The amazing technology that is BEMER (Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation) has blown me away.

I have been using the product for one year now. I stimulate my blood flow at least twice everyday because of so many benefits that I am unable to count!
Sleep is something coveted by many and thoroughly explored by few. The quality of sleep in your life allows you to digest your day, quell your emotions, heal your body, and balance your mind.
“Improves digestion” is a tagline I hear on the radio, on the incessant internet ads pushing their pills and syrups…I have used those medicines in the past, but they merely attack symptoms. Find the root of the problem and rip it out. Remove the cause and symptoms fade, then disappear, then you notice you haven’t noticed in a while…
The calmness felt during a silent or meditative BEMER session is indescribable, like reading a poem. Other than reciting it, their is no justice to description. I provide the space as often as I can. If you live in the San Diego area, I would be happy to share this experience.
I am a 20 year athlete. I know the difficulties of simply washing the body after a long, brutal practice. I burned the sensation of ice into my joints and muscles. I experience anxiousness at the memory of a timely recovery or extended delay. Not playing is worse than losing…Reducing recovery time is something I seek on a daily basis. Self massage, muscle stimulation with hard objects and shocking devices, topical lotions all aim for the same goal. I am the luckiest man alive!
I have been striving for optimal health since I understood the term. I long ago learned the truth, “Everything balances”, so sought the best balancers:
Gymnasts, Dancers, Martial Artists, Weight Lifters, Runners, Ball Players, and then,

Tai Chi Masters!

Seeking the Great Ultimate Fist has given me a sense of self, of perception and sight, of listening behind myself, of sensitive touch and ultimately of energy itself, and has been the greatest 15 years of my life. Since finding this power within, I have been able to control myself as directly as operating a light switch. The sensitivity I have reached allows me to deeply feel the intense electromagnetic fields created by the BEMER.
Many do not sense the field we are warned to protect anyone using the device. As an independent distributor, I am trained and instructed to do no harm. I only turn up the power after multiple sessions and a sincere desire to feel the extremes.

My personal testimony is my greatest evidence as it proves the technology to me and me alone. It is similar to personal revelation, but that is the only way to prove efficacy of anything! If it doesn’t work for you, you stop. If it works for you, you go GUNG HO!
Go for the Gusto, America!

My best advice, when you have the chance, try one! It is FDA Class 1 Registered Medical Device meaning it is proven to Do no Harm. It is only a benefit when used properly.

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