Tai Chi Instruction in San Diego!

Tai Chi every Saturday at 9am!
Come on out and learn the Art of the Great Extremes.
You will thank yourself for starting now instead of 10 years from now.
Invest time, energy and money in your health because without it, you have nothing.

I have many students who found Tai Chi the same way I did; I asked the internet, “Who is the best at balance?” and “Tai Chi Masters” rung back.

I have been practicing for 15 years, teaching sporadically for 10 and starting this year am I regularly dedicating time every week to teaching others my favorite skill.

Many players focus on the health, wellness and longevity aspects of Tai Chi and either avoid or never encounter the martial aspects. I remember reading the classical literature and a few books regarding Tai Chi and seeing a common claim; It will take 10 years of consistent training to be proficient enough to execute internal power in a combat situation. This took me aback as I know many 6 month western boxers who are very capable!

Still, I persevered! I didn’t commit to this path because it was easy, I did because it is hard. The confidence derived from self defense skills is beyond description. I highly recommend the path to anyone and everyone! There is no one who would not find benefits from consistent martial arts exercise and practice.

So, again, I invite you to come out to class with me, seek out another teacher, or join my online learning community!


Thanks for reading,

Andrew Brown

Circulation Solutions

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