This is the first ever blog post for Circulation Solutions.

Here, we will spit truth regarding a great many topics, but we will focus a bit on:

Health, Wellness, Longevity

Hi, my name is Andrew Brown. I began researching Optimal Health when I discovered the concept.

I was 14 years old and my mother signed me up for a 24 Hour Fitness membership which includes a health assessment. The trainer used calipers and an analog scale with ruler. I was 6 feet tall, 273 pounds and about 25% body fat…not the ideal stats for a shy kid entering high school, but I held it together and told myself,

“I can only get better.”

I joined my mother at her nutritionist appointments, I hit the cardio and weights, I drank a gallon of water every day or two, I joined the volleyball team, I played racquetball with my dad, I ran 2 miles to the neighborhood park and back and 15 years later I checked in with my doctor at 6’1″ and 280 pounds…

Something was Wrong.

I knew how to exercise, I knew how to eat properly, I understood portion control and the dangers of sugar and alcohol, but I wasn’t doing it.

I found myself living with my partner, her sister (my best friend, other than my partner) and her sister’s husband. I turn to my best friend and tell her about my current state and she immediately tells me,

“Let’s lose weight together!”

This was the moment we decided to change. We knew it all, we only had to apply ourselves.

My partner bought a Vitamix and we began a clean vegan diet focused on blending our soups and sauces. It was ROUGH! But, it was easy because I knew for a fact it would work because I was determined.

Then we got sick of it…

It took a few months, but the few joys of eating within a tight menu wore on us and we slipped. My best friend and I noticed after 3 weeks of not using the blender that we needed something different.

Then we found Whole 30 Diet

This was awesome. Lots of variety, easy to buy ingredients, easy to prepare breakfasts and shakes, plus my buddy was making lunch for us everyday! It helps to have help.

We kept at it, stuck to it, hit the gym (Orange Theory Fitness, I can’t sing praises loud enough, do it if you can) almost daily. There was a multi month period where I attended 10 to 12 classes every week. It took a toll on my knees and ankles, but I wouldn’t change a moment. I never got an injury beyond 2 days of soreness.

Then I found Medical Marijuana

Alcohol had been a crutch for far too long. I had used and abused the worst legal drug available for many years to sooth pain and relax from the daily stress of the high tech industry. Letting go of the extra calories helped, too.

Cannabis is a good friend of mine and only recently did I drop it from my daily routine. It is a great help when used properly and a great hinderence when not; a double edged sword like so many other things. Everything in moderation, right?

Then I found a TENS Unit!

This took away a great deal of problems. Those two to three week pains became 3 to 5 day annoyances. I was dealing with frequent issues but I would suck it up everyday, hit the gym, prepare my meals and do my job.

Then I found a PEMF Unit!

Even better. So easy to use, feels great, supports your health like no other device I have ever found. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to live past 65.

It took 3 years of work to go from 280 to 200.

And I did it and I was so happy and everyone complimented me and everything was perfect in my life for a time…then I slipped my diet. I deserved to relax so I did. I drank again, I ate cake again, I enjoyed a few buffets and I would skip leg day.

Terrible idea!

It’s not that I can’t relax, but it must be brief and infrequent. I gained 20 pounds and found myself at 225 just two months later. I picked up the bad habits again and had to rededicate myself. Luckily, practice makes better than the last time so I had little trouble doing the right things and it took a whole year but I stabilised at 210. Most people don’t believe me until I show them old pictures as I did it right.

No bullshit 1 Week Extreme Diet Solutions!

I tried them. They don’t work. The diet products advertised at 3am are not the Way.

This is the Way

Whole Food, daily. Consistent Exercise routines. Support from Family and Friends.

I have 2 simple rules for diet:

No nutrition labels. If it needs one, it is probably processed = Avoid it.

We live a social life. If you go out, make the best choice possible. This means clean salads and bun-less burgers, but it works.

I have 2 simple rules for fitness:

Sweat Everyday. Make sure to put in the work because no one else will do it for you.

Have Fun! There are so many great ways to sweat that keep it interesting. Competition gives you a goal and reaching it gives you confidence to strive for the next goal.

That’s the long and short of it.

If you made it this far, you know I struggled for 20 years to figure this out. My primary reason for starting Circulation Solutions is to support others on their path to Optimal Health.

You can get there. The secrets are not hidden. Everything is waiting for you to make a decision, the decision.

Are you ready to change your life?

Send me an email,

Call me, 1(619)988-1696

Find me on Instagram or Facebook, @CirculationSolutions

I am more than happy to provide advice, to teach, and to introduce you to products I use everyday.

I love you and only want good things for you.

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