About Circulation Solutions

I am Andrew Brown.
I started Circulation Solutions to help others on the 1000 mile road to living the best life possible which includes a balance of:
Α – Health
Δ – Wealth
Ω – Longevity

Health is the Foundation for Living – without it, nothing else matters.
Wealth is a Requirement for Surviving as part of Human Society – without it, you are left behind.
Longevity is the sum total of Daily Habits – daily choices regarding diet, exercise, and time management determines the quality and quantity of Life.

Now is the Greatest Moment of My Life;
I have Clarity, Purpose and the Power to Change;
I work to make my Dreams become Reality!

My Why:

As I stare at the Doctor’s office scale, I can’t speak. I am shocked to see the number, 280…
I’m 30 years old.
I came here to ask my doctor about ankle popping and cracking when I wake up in the morning, but I don’t care anymore as I have a new, immediate concern and make a decision to change my life!
When I return home, I speak with my best friend and tell her,
“I am 280 pounds today. I need to change my life.”
She says, “Good, let’s do it!”
We immediately begin preparing, cooking and eating a whole food diet and attending daily 5am gym sessions.
3 Years of work and I stare at my home scale, I can’t speak. I am shocked to see the number, 193!
I’m 33 years old.
I did it…I actually did it. I lost 87 pounds and discovered the path to health in the process.
It has been over two years and I stabilized at 210 pounds, practice daily health habits, cook and eat whole foods, and improve myself everyday.
Now, I am here to share the hard earned knowledge from listening to the experts, working with my coaches, and personally experiencing the toughest road I ever walked.

Coaching Services:

Health Coaching
– Diet and Nutrition Analysis
– Meal Planning and Preparation; Cooking Class!
– Fitness Analysis; Benchmark!
– Exercise Education
– Qigong and Tai Chi Instruction
– Self Defense Instruction
– Diet and Exercise Habit Support
Wealth Planning
– Financial Analysis
– Financial Planning
– Traditional Investing Education
– Crypto Currency Investing Education
– Spending, Saving and Investing Habit Support
Longevity! Live the Best Possible Long, Healthy, Happy Life
– Daily Habits
– Self Evaluation and Coaching
– Goal Setting and Achievement
– 1/3/6 Month, 1/3/6 Year, 1/2/3 Decade Plans

How to Start:

Our First Meeting
– Let’s go for a Walk!
– Learn “What do you Want?”
– Understand “Why will you Change?”
– Develop “How will We take Action?”
Are you ready to Change your Life?
YES!                                          Not Yet…

Products I Use and Recommend:

– Blood Circulation Stimulation with BEMER.
– High Fat, Low Carb, No Sugar, Keto Safe Desserts with Keto Dessert Company.
– Nutritional Superfoods with Kyani.
– Muscle and Accupressure Therapy with Healthmate Forever.
– Clean, Non-Toxic products with Melaleuca.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!
Please contact me directly with your inquiry,

Andrew Brown
Personal Health, Wealth and Longevity Coach – Tai Chi and Self Defense Instructor
Phone) 1(619)988-1696
Email) ABrown@Circulation.Life

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